When a Case Falls Through the Cracks - Holly's Story

The Marsy’s Law for Maine team wants to thank a person who has quickly become very special to us. Her name is Holly.

Fourteen years ago, at the age of 19, Holly reconnected with a high school classmate. What was supposed to be dinner and a movie turned into a nightmare. This man took Holly to a cabin where he held her captive for more than two days, repeatedly raping her. 

After serving a year and a half in prison, Holly’s attacker was released. Holly was not notified. She had no idea he was no longer behind bars, much less where he was living or that she might encounter him. She had no idea that the time had come for her to take the necessary precautions of making a safety plan. Learning he had been released without her knowing exacerbated the nightmares, panic, and flashbacks that had become a part of Holly’s life since her terrifying ordeal. 

The truth is that Holly’s case fell through the cracks. This may not be the norm, but without the constitutional right to be notified that the accused or convicted has been released, there are no guarantees for Maine crime victims like Holly.

Marsy’s Law came to be because of situations like Holly’s. She had been through the unimaginable and then was re-victimized and re-traumatized by the lack of justice in the process. 

We thank Holly for sharing her story with us. We cannot express how awed we are by her incredible strength and bravery. 

We are working hard to make sure no more Maine crime victims are left behind like Holly was.