Androscoggin County Sheriff Eric Samson Joins Law Enforcement Endorsing Marsy’s Law for Maine

Recently, Androscoggin County Sheriff Eric Samson joined other law enforcement leaders in endorsing Marsy’s Law for Maine. Law enforcement are on the front lines in communities across Maine every day, not just dealing with criminals and those accused of crimes, but also dealing with victims at what is often the worst time in their lives.

Sheriff Samson believes crime victims need to be informed and involved in the legal process so their voices are heard. He believes victims deserve to be participants in their cases, not just bystanders. And he believes making sure victims are notified of the offender’s release or relocation is the right thing to do.

Sheriff Samson supports Marsy’s Law for Maine because it protects victims when they are the most vulnerable. It will give law enforcement the resources they need to inform victims of the criminal justice process. And it will let victims know they have rights and equal standing before the courts.

We thank Sheriff Samson for his support for this important effort. We look forward to working with him across Androscoggin County to continue to build support for Marsy’s Law for Maine.