Domestic Violence Victims Need and Deserve More in Maine

Recent news from Portland has hit close to home for all of us at Marsy’s Law for Maine.

It was reported that Sohka Khuon was allegedly killed by her longtime domestic partner. Khoun was shot multiple times. The couple’s 10 and 15-year old children were reportedly home at the time of her violent murder. Our hearts go out to them, and all of Ms. Khoun’s friends and loved ones. 

There is no question domestic violence is a serious issue in Maine, especially against women. While Maine has a relatively low murder rate, reports from recent years indicate Maine has one of the highest per capita rates at which men murder women. About half of all murders in Maine are acts of domestic violence, a rate much higher than most states.

Maine is fortunate to have an incredible community of advocates who are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and ending domestic violence and abuse in our state once and for all. They point out that for every domestic violence murder victim, there are thousands more victims, including children, suffering from domestic abuse and violence every day in Maine.

Our goal in passing Marsy’s Law for Maine also is to help and support domestic abuse and violence survivors and their families by making sure they have equal rights as their accusers. Each and every one of them deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity, and with the utmost respect for their safety and privacy throughout the criminal justice process.